One of the most professional eye specialists globally, Tom S Chang MD has made a discovery that will significantly change eye examination and treatment. His discovery is much faster and is less complicated than the strategies doctors use today. The new process at the Acuity Eye Group also produces more accurate results when doctors are examining patients’ eyes before treatment. According to Tom S Chang MD, that ensures that patients get the treatment that matches their specific problem. Most of the procedures doctors use when examining and treating eye patients take more time. 

For example, one such process is dilation, which takes almost one hour for doctors to examine a patient. In this process, doctors first apply a pupil widening substance in a patient’s eye. Then, they wait for some time before they start the examination. That takes a substantial amount of time because patients have to wait until doctors are through examining one patient before they get a chance to see a doctor. That seems to be even more dangerous due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic since patients should not be exposed so much time. However, Dr. Tom S Chang MD’s strategy is not time-consuming. His new eye examination procedure only takes a short time to produce accurate results after an eye examination. 

That reduces the time patients have to wait in the queue. Besides, the new procedure enables doctors to discover all the eye-related problems each patient might be suffering from in one examination process. Within 30 minutes, the examination shows whether a patient has a medical condition causing their eye problem. For ophthalmologists such as Tom S Chang MD, that enables the doctor to offer timely treatment for any medical condition affecting their patients. However, for those that require advanced treatment for their eye problems, doctors refer them to the most experienced eye specialist, Tom S Chang MD, for professional treatment for their specific eye condition.